Things we want to do with Hollywood Superstars

This is the product of a great car game. Please feel free to join in and keep us entertained. Just add more in the comments section. We are on a road with no bends for the next 18 hours. We just passed quite an interesting bush. Mon is asleep at the wheel but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference. We have cruse control and there are no corners. Driving in these conditions is like bowling with those barriers up. See you in Montana.

Things We Want to Do with Hollywood Superstars

Metal detecting with Gene Hackman

Going to the arcade with Uma Therman.

Pickle tasting with Steve Bucemi.

Examining ancient artifacts with Sam Neill.

Wack-a-rat with Jack Nicholson.

Horse riding with John Cusack.

Dog Walking with Natalie Portman.

Mackerel fishing with Morgan Freeman.