Tsarnaev brothers more conspiracy theorist than Muslim

An Arabic man was wrestled to the ground in the aftermath of the Boston bombings. Someone had seen him running by and assumed, because he looked middle-eastern and Muslim, that he must be a terrorist.

Turns out he was just another person running away from some really frightening explosions.

Now, this is obviously a very regrettable racist incident, but we can all understand whoever did it. In the back of our minds, Islam and Terrorism are linked.

Whether you are Muslim or Atheist or Zoroastrian, if you live in the west and have turned on the TV at some point over the last couple of decades, then your notion of Islam will be haunted by the spectre of terrible events such as the Boston bombings.

Seeing how much contemporary terrorism has been perpetrated by Muslims, isn’t this association kind of inevitable? It is a pretty sad state of affairs for the majority of Muslims, yes, but could it be another way? After all, journalists can’t not report terrorism just to protect the honour of Islam, can they?

No, but perhaps there is another way of reporting terrorism.

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