Feelings vs. Facts

A new report finds that, despite the opinion of public opinion, violent crime has dropped more rapidly in Britain than anywhere else in Europe – a continent that anyway is witnessing falling rates of violence.

But, poles consistently show that there is still a powerful feeling out there that things are getting more violent, that youth are out of control and so on.

So our feelings don’t always reflect actual situation? Oh, bravo Wilf, a world exclusive yet again.

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Interfaith spar results in awkward hug by jaffa cakes


From left to right: Dr Kate Wharton, Dr Maria Heim, Dr Brandon Gallaher, Professor Gwen Griffeth-Dickson, Professor Chakravarthi Ram Prasad, Dr Clare Carlisle. Photo W. Merttens

A Buddhist scholar of Keirkegaard, an agnostic scholar of Buddhaghosa, an orthodox Christian theologian and a learned Oxford don who happens to be a Hindu were sitting side by side on a discussion panel.

Sounds like it could be the beginning of a rather convoluted study-of-religions joke, but actually it was an interfaith conference organised by Dr Kate Wharton, deputy secretary for inter-religious affairs to the archbishop of Canterbury.

The panel seemed to be uncovering a tentative common ground – each of them in their way complicating the notion that a religion is a coherent phenomenon that starts and ends with its card-carrying devotees.

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